Monthly articles devoted to what is going on in the Twin Cities goth scene.

In Spite of Pennywise, Performers Keep The Art of Friendly Clowning Alive

Clowns from around the globe gathered in Bloomington, Minnesota, last month for the annual convention of the World Clown Association This wasn’t your garden-variety clown gathering—it was the whipped cream of the crop, professional clowns young and old, new, improved, and veteran, coming together to learn from one another and embrace their passion of clowning.


Covenant Calls the Goths to Port

On April 4, 2018, the Amsterdam Bar and Hall was filled with excitement and some nostalgia. Covenant is on tour promoting their new album, The Blinding Dark, which offers fans their signature dark synthpop with Eskil Simonsson’s deep and enchanting vocals. The album offers the sound they are known for, but taking it a bit darker and more ambient than they have previously—though it still offers more upbeat tracks perfect for breaking out the double-stacked stompy boots.

Facing a Challenge as Event Promoters Work to Bring Music to the Masses

Music is a billion-dollar industry where touring can make or break an artist, or a promoter. For those who love music that’s on the fringe, it can be difficult to see a favorite band without traveling out of town to the nearest place they are touring. Three promoters are working to make the Twin Cities a music destination again for goth and industrial bands, but there are many challenges that come along with trying to bring fans great music. 

Sanctuary Festival Milwaukee Was Three Days of Close Encounters of the Musical Kind

Over the first weekend in June, in a small bar called Club Anything in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sanctuary Festival played host to a staggering number of bands, artists, clothiers, and a jovial gathering of goths of all stripes.  The festival managed to make that small bar feel like the most amazing live venue one could experience just by working to make it friendly and inclusive.

Poptone Brings Musical History to Minneapolis' First Avenue

On Wednesday, July 20, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins of BauhausTones on Tail, and Love and Rockets fame will be joined on the First Avenue stage by Haskins’s daughter Diva Dompé for a new venture called Poptone. This collaboration gives Ash and Haskins an opportunity to tour and play songs from across their various bands but especially Tones on Tail, which had very limited touring during the height of its popularity. 

Poptone Breathes New Life Into Old Favorites

Poptone took to the famous First Avenue stage on Wednesday, June 20, and solidified everything the group was trying to accomplish by bringing the hits of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets together in one amazing show. Despite creating and performing since the late 1970s, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins had energy to spare to recreate tunes that were designed to help us all relive the joy that music brought to us when we first heard it, and the addition of bass and vocals by Diva Dompé added a subtle extra flare.

After Stunning in Year 15, Goth Prom Preps for Sweet 16

For 15 years, a revolving group of committed individuals has taken the time to plan, create, and execute one of the most fabulous goth nights of the year. This year, prom was moved from its long-standing venue, downtown Minneapolis’s the Saloon, over to the Loring Bar and Restaurant in Dinkytown on short notice, and despite the last-minute venue swap the event was a beautiful success. With two floors, multiple bars, wonderful acts from the Forbidden Bazaar, and separate rooms for differing vibes of music, July 2018’s Goth Prom was certainly a highlight.

5 Dark Scene Bands to Watch

The goth and industrial scene is wide ranging and ever evolving. Though there will always be the big-name headliners and standbys that we have grown to love, sometimes it is good to branch out a little.

Almost all of the following bands have made their way through the Twin Cities recently; one is local, and the last is a side project of two well-known musicians. While they may not all be right for your particular taste, you may find one that does or discover something you’d never even considered.  

The 2018 Twin Cities Geek Halloween Guide

The spooky season is upon us, friends. Dances, costume contests, corn mazes, haunted houses, and of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We have curated a large number of fabulous outings for this Halloween season just for you, and there is a little something here for everyone.

All events are in order by date, or by start date if it is a recurring event, and each includes a rating so you can plan appropriately based on level of scariness.

3 Organizations Sending Kids to Space Camp

Many of us have at one point stared up at the night sky, viewing billions of stars and wondering what could possibly be out there. Children in particular have a vast imagination that allows them to consider and want to explore those possibilities and to dream of a day when they might touch the stars. Let’s take a minute to explore one of the options that kids have to learn about space and exploration: United States Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. 

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